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Ride Leaders Self-Admin Portal

Hover over and then click on your name to display your admin area.

How to use your ride leader's portal

This self-input data system should be easy to use, saves the webmaster a lot of time, and produces a more accurate website rides calendar.


If you are not comfortable using it, no problem, just continue to supply your information as you did previously.


Go to your personal ride leader's area on this page by clicking on your day and name in the accordion panel above.


If you lead more than one day you will have a separate section for each of day, make sure you don't miss them up by accident.

1. To open your personal rides spreadsheet simply click the big blue button on the right side of your opened personal space of the accordion panel. It looks like the one on the right just here. Your spreadsheet will then open in a new window or tab and you will be asked to input your password.


2. Input your password. You will have received it by email from me. If you have lost, forgotten or simply want to change it, drop me an email and I'll sort that for you.


3. Great! Now your spreadsheet should be open and ready to edit. It should look something like this below. You don't need to subscribe to MS Office 365 for it to work, or have Excel installed, it just works as an App in your browser.


Note that you should be able to edit your spreadsheet easily on a desktop computer, laptop or tablet.


If you want to edit it on a smart phone, it would be best if you download the 'Microsoft Office' App first. This is free and available for all types of phone (Apple iPhone, Android, Google ...). Be warned that it can be tricky editing spreadsheets on a phone due to the size of the screen, but it is possible.

Click this button to open your (password protected) editable spreadsheet in your web browser

This button above is only here as an example and does not work, clicking it will not lead to an action. There is an identical button on your personal admin page that does work.

4. Fill in the gaps as they appear in your browser. This should be self-explanatory.

Only complete the spreadsheet up to the requested date. If the spreadsheet dates go beyond this date, don't worry, just leave the table blank beyond those dates. Note that some repetitive data is done for you to keep things simple, and some is hidden from view in this edit area, such as the group number, distance and speed. Don't worry about this, they will appear in the final rides diary.


5. Please email me to alert me that you have completed your spreadsheet. In any  case I am alerted each time you open your spreadsheet, so I know if you are active.


6. Once I have received all the spreadsheets I will make a final edit and they will appear formatted in the 'Rides Diary' on this site. Paul Griffiths in turn will generate a new printable rides sheet in the traditional format and this will appear on our website at the same time.


7. If you spot any errors at any stage please alert me as soon as possible and I'll fix it as soon as I can.


FINALLY! You should have been told that we no longer collect the names of riders that show on the day, because of GDPR regulations. However, we are allowed to keep a record of the number of men and women in attendance on the day. This data is then passed to Cycling UK, so it must be important for something. Every so often then, please complete the 'Attendance Statistics' on the right hand side of your spreadsheet for this purpose.


That's it! Thank you so much for your help.

For club enquiries please contact the relevant person, their details can be found by clicking on the 'Contact Us' tab at the top right hand corner of this webpage.


To contact the webmaster please send an email to

Responses to these emails may take up to 2 weeks for a response

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Ride Leaders Self-Admin Portal
How to use your ride leader's portal