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Rides List Diary

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Road Bike Rides List Diary

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Mountain Bike Rides

Mountain bike rides are organised on various dates.


The current position for leader for the mountain bikes rides is vacant


If you wish to put your name forward for this exciting opportunity please email the chairperson, Chris Mitten on:



Occasional Saturdays also run mountain bike rides. Watch out here for more information.

Vacant Rides Leader Positions

The following rides leader positions are vacant:


Thursday  (previously held by Ian Bolton)

Mountain bike rides  (previously held be Nick Madeley)



If you wish to take on one of these roles please contact our chairperson for more information. This would involve planning a route in advance and then leading that ride on the day.


Chis Mitten:


For club enquiries please contact the relevant person, their details can be found by clicking on the 'Contact Us' tab at the top right hand corner of this webpage.


To contact the webmaster please send an email to

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